Connect International Inc.

Online Shopping Cart

An online shopping logistic supply-chain system at to sell merchandizes, accept customer orders, schedule delivery, generate invoices, track inventories, and manage revenue transactions Online. This system is designed to support manufacturing industry to advertise, promote, and sell its products worldwide accepting VISA, Master Card, and PayPal.

The system is a secure 64- bit data encryption system with graphical images providing dimensional displays for different selection of products. The system offers manufacturing industry a direct sale opportunity to its customers. The system is capable of generating barcodes, financial reports, aging requests, matrix analysis, shipping choices, and delivery schedules as follows:

Payment: Merchant account is setup to accept and process transactions using credit cards.

Invoice and customer receipt: Automate Customer invoices and receipts are available to be printed and download online in pdf format from customer user accounts for customers or through emails, faxes, and text messages.

Sales Reports: Generate Sale reports with Profit and Loss (P & L), daily transactions, inventory balance, and summary in Sales and Loss in Excel, ASCII, pdf formats.

Digital Asset Management System

The Internet introduces new opportunities to gain even greater efficiencies in inventory control and asset management, across integrated data environments. The Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) was developed to provide a secure, web-based capability to meet these growing requirements. Management wants secure, real-time oversight and Users demand data-rich content and remote access over the web to optimize their visibility, control and tracking of assets throughout critical business cycles.

The Digital Asset Management System is a Web-enabled Inventory System designed to manage all kinds of Digital Assets. It is designed to efficiently manage the oversight of any proprietary assets, globally, including Music CD's, Movie Tapes, Digital Images, Files, and any kind of digital asset online. DAMS provides any organization a secure, web-based solution with standardized functions and features that can be custom-tailored to meet unique asset inventory control and management oversight objectives. Users track inventory, generate barcode, and distribute delivery orders online from warehouse and storage locations worldwide.